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Looking for Artwork or Photo Prints on high quality Canvas or Premium Photo Paper? These are ideal for your Home Decor, a Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift, Wedding Gift, Employee Awards or Presentation Gift etc. I provide High Quality Photographic Prints and Art Prints of Traditional Artworks that were created using Oil Paint, Oil Pastels, Pencils, Pens, Acrylics and Watercolours. I also produce Digital Illustrations (vector graphics, 3D renders) and Artwork. My pictures are created using one, several, or combinations of these.

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Traditional artworks are photographed or scanned to create a high quality, high resolution (minimum 30 megapixel) file, ready for the printing process. I'm a Professional Artist, Photographer, Illustrator and Graphic Designer.

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All "Box Canvas" prints come stretched on a wooden frame with wrapped edges, so no picture frame is required. But, you could obviously have them framed if that is preferred.

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Why my Artwork Titles that were named before 2005 and include the word "Herdy" in them have now been renamed!

Got a phone call from the owner of the business,"The Herdy Company Ltd.", who said his name was Spencer Hannah. He was basically threatening and insisting that I wasn't allowed to use the word "Herdy" on my Artwork Titles even though they were named before 2005! He also stated that I must not use the work "Herdie" in any of my artwork titles because that work sounds phonetically like Herdy! The pictures are of Herdwick Sheep that many people have commonly referred to as a Herdy for many years.
He stated his business was started 9 years ago and that he holds the rights to the usage of the word "Herdy". He stated that he spends every Monday sending out these legal threats to people, how sad! I asked him several times to allow me to continue using my original titles as they were, seeing as they were used long before he ever registered that word, but he didn't respond. Almost all of my Herdwick Sheep artworks with the word "Herdy" in the title were done over 15 years ago! Long before his business even started. It seems unbelievable, pathetic and ridiculous that a person can stop people using a word that is a general term for a type of animal like "Bunny" is to Rabbit and "Herdy" is to a Herdwick Sheep. If anyone knows anything about copyright law and can advise on this, please let me know. Can I use this word on a non-commercial website? I wasn't using the word "Herdy" on it's own, it was always part of a title like "Hannah the Herdy" (named after my daughter) or "Glenridding Herdy Flock" etc. The word "Herdy" should never have been allowed to be copyrighted as it has always been a very common term for Herdwick Sheep! Whoever allowed this word to be protected at The Intellectual Property Office - GOV.UK shouldn't have, this was obviously not researched enough, as it is, and was, a commonly used word for Herdwick Sheep long before they registered it!

Lake District Herdwick Sheep Art Prints
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